"Concise, focused, and sensible... full of useful advice."
Jacques Pépin
Chef, Cookbook Author, and PBS-TV Cooking Series Host
" Indispensable advice, experience, and know-how. A superb addition to the library of any passionate cook."
Daniel Boulud
Chef, Restaurant Daniel
" Notes on Cooking is exactly what it says it is: a short guide to an essential craft. There's enough wisdom here to inspire any home cook or seasoned professional."
Dan Barber
Executive Chef, Co-owner, Blue Hill
" Every cookbook should have this short book as a preface. The message and guidance of this book is invaluable to all who dare to enter the delicious world of food preparation."
Lidia Matticchio Bastianich
Host, Lidia's Italy
" I wish Notes on Cooking had been written about 35 years ago, when I started cooking professionally. It is an excellent source of level- headed, practical, and essential advice; indispensable and wonderfully succinct."
Michael Romano
Chef, Union Square Hospitality Group
" An abundance of tips, ideas, and caveats. The list of food adjectives is one I'll refer to myself and the list of recommendations is indispensable. The food pairings are the most insightful I've ever seen. Work well done."
James Peterson
Five-Time James Beard Award Winner
" I love the short statements that lead to long reflections. They bring me back to basics that pare away the 'nonsense' in the kitchen... Listen to the common sense of Notes on Cooking and you will find yourself a happier cook."
Dorothy Hamilton
Founder & CEO, The French Culinary Institute
" It's amazing how much cooking wisdom, sense, and technique is crammed into this little book. It's like Mom, James Beard and Julia Child, Harold McGee and Escoffier all together in the expurgated version."
Gael Greene

"This practical guide is an easy, amusing read for home cooks and professionals."
"[One] of the year's best new products for eating, drinking, cooking and reading"
" Beginning home cooks: This is your lucky day. Old kitchen dogs: We all can learn new tricks -- or stand for some brushing up. This is one book we all can chew on for the rest of our cooking lives."

" This little book is perfect for leafing through at random or zeroing in on any subject you might have questions about. In either case, it is very likely to accomplish two goals devoutly to be wished: to improve the food you cook, and to make cooking it more fun. Even if you think you know it all, Notes on Cooking is likely to have some ideas that will make you a better cook."
" You’d have to read through a vast culinary library to glean all of the brilliant ideas in this one little book. Whether you’re a new cook or a seasoned pro, the tips and lessons in this volume will inspire and enrich you."
"My favorite new book on cooking has no recipes...concise...witty...brilliant."
" This is a unique book that will be appreciated by any foodie and would make a lovely host or hostess gift...a very useful, highly enjoyable collection of tips for any cook."
" This small primer delivers both practical and philosophical advice beyond what one will find in a cookbook. Useful and valuable...a delightful culinary resource."
Library Journal
Starred Review
" [Like] Strunk and White's The Elements of we have another excellent example of the genre in Notes on Cooking. Useful nuggets on every page without requiring readers to start from the beginning...timeless and applicable to cooks of all levels...expertly organized...superb."
"Anyone who's ever wielded a whisk or screwed up a sauté will find this book both tantalizing and indispensable."
" In all ways to-the-point, Costello and Reich...lay down the major rules of cooking and kitchen conduct in as few as a couple of lines... Strong declarations that, once learned by heart, make cooking easier and end with better food."
" We loved its concise, organized approach to presenting 'every-thing you need to know' about the topic. It is very subtle – handsome, compact – just the right size. Good things do come in small packages, and here's one that will fit right into your apron pocket."
Independent Publisher
Indie Groundbreaking Title
" I love the design of the and surprising to read; you never know what's around the next corner...a splendid, intelligent little volume, perfect for the bedside of those who like to cook in their minds as well as in their kitchens."
Michael Ruhlman
Author, Blogger
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